The Boke of the Divill by Reggie Oliver

The Boke of the Divill


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THE BOKE OF THE DIVILL by Reggie Oliver.
A brand new novel!
Cover art by Santiago Caruso.
Interior Illustrations by Reggie Oliver.
Page count: 232 pages.


Seeke not to finde by what device
Men climb from Hell to Paradise,
Nor understand why Satann Fell,
From starrie Paradise to Hell.
For curs’t thou art, if thou dost look
To find it in the Divill’s Booke

— Jeremiah Staveley, 1595



The ancient city of Morchester with its Dreaming Spires, its gently flowing river Orr, winding through water meadows, its fine old cathedral and close where the rooks caw in immemorial elms as they have done for centuries…

A tranquil English scene ­ but is it? Under the surface dark and terrible things are stirring.

A serial killer is on the loose… The Dean is having guilty nightmares… A long dead Bishop of Morchester appears in his choir stall at evensong… A mysterious ring disappears from the cathedral museum… A famous composer is beginning his long descent into Hell…

Could all these events be connected with a television crew, fronted by a celebrated academic, who are conducting a very public search for THE BOKE OF THE DIVILL?

Do they know the terrible, immortal danger they are in?

One man does: the mysterious Mr. Basil Valentine. But without the help of young Emma Hartley ­ on her first job in television ­ can he ­ will he ­ save them?

By turns thrilling, witty, fantastic, horrifying and strangely profound, Reggie Oliver’s new novel has all the elements that make him, according to superstar and connoisseur of weird literature Barry Humphries, “by miles the best living exponent of the spooky yarn.”


THE BOKE OF THE DIVILL is told in Oliver’s famously elegant and evocative style.
You are in for a sophisticated ride… Nightmarish, terrifying, dangerous, theatrical, often strangely profound, a ride which will inspire and haunt your mind.

Special note: This excellent book will be available in a deluxe hardcover lettered edition and a signed and numbered hardcover edition. The Deluxe edition will be signed by the author and the artist, and the signed and numbered edition will be signed by the author. The Deluxe edition will be bound in beautiful black bonded leather. The front cover, and back cover will be stamped with a red foil Victorian style border. The deluxe will sport a red book ribbon, red headband, and red footband. The end sheets will be in red. The deluxe edition will be protected by a black slipcase. The signed and numbered edition will be bound in a beautiful Arrestox B black vellum stamped on the front cover and the back cover with a beautiful gold foil Victorian style border. Gold headband, and gold footband. This news is important for collectors of fine books: All of our books will be fully offset printed on a 60 lb. acid free natural stock, and using black acid free ink. This also includes the signature sheets. DRB books will also be smythe sewn. This ensures our current books will not only be beautiful, but will be long lasting to be handed down from generation to generation.


The Boke of the Divill - Interior Illustration
The Boke of the Divill - Interior Illustration

“His prose is a model of decorum, fluency, and rhetorical skill…. he is able to create a sense of ineluctable, cumulative terror that does not require the least violence of diction or incident to overwhelm the reader.” S. T. Joshi (Dead Reckonings)

“Reggie Oliver’s writing is far above Jamsian pastiche; it is clearly derived not from what he has read but how he has come to see the world, and it contains some of the best horror prose of the century. His range of subject matter is greater than that of James and he has a brooding voice uniquely his own. This book is, for me, by far the most important horror book of the year, and I don’t think it will be surpassed by anything by the end of this year.” Dejan Ognjanovic (Rue Morgue)

“I envy anyone who has yet to discover the elegant work of Reggie Oliver.. Some of the most powerful stories… clearly show him moving beyond genre, addressing human relations with the heartbreaking power of a V.S. Pritchett or William Trevor. But then he is a comparably brilliant writer. Once you’ve read one story by Reggie Oliver, you’ll want to read them all.” Michael Dirda (Pulitzer Prize Winning Book Critic of The Washington Post)

“Reggie Oliver, quite possibly our finest modern writer of spectral tales.” Ramsey Campbell

“…by miles, the best living exponent of the spooky yarn…” Barry Humphries

“Oliver’s ability to create a sense of time and place in every one of these stories is exemplary… As a work of spiritual terror it has few peers…” Jim Rockhill (All Hallows)

“Can I just say that Reggie Oliver is, after William Trevor and Steven Millhauser, my favorite living short-story writer? If you haven’t read him, “The Sea of Blood,” a selection from his sometimes hard-to-come-by collections, makes the perfect introduction. Oliver is also part of a loose school of modern British supernatural fiction, much of it inspired by Arthur Machen. “Romances of the White Day” gathers three long stories written in honor of that Welsh master of the supernatural. If you’re a fan of Machen, or of John Howard, Mark Valentine and Ron Weighell, or of all four (as I am), you’ll want this book.” Michael Dirda (Pulitzer Prize Winning Book Critic of The Washington Post)

Winner of the 2012 Children of the Night Award for Best Work of Supernatural Fiction and short listed for numerous other awards.


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